Cover Girl Fleur 1988 -  a doll never seen before!
Dolls · 01. April 2023
A sensational find of a never seen before boxed New Look Fleur from 1988 - Cover Girl!
The mystery of Volendam
Dolls · 22. December 2022
A review about the mysterious Volendam Sindy and Volendam Fleur dolls by Otto Simon.

Gallery of NRFB/boxed Fleur dolls
Dolls · 27. October 2022
A big gallery of Fleur dolls in box in chronological order.
Fleur doll variants - Part 3: 1985 and 1986
Dolls · 20. October 2022
The reason why Fleur doll identification is so terribly hart! Part 3.

The enigma of Gauntlet Fleur
Dolls · 03. July 2022
Who was the Gauntlet Fleur doll? A mystery to resolve!