Mermama & Merbaby enamel pin purple

Beautiful hard enamel pin picturing a Mermama cuddling her little Merbaby.

 Pin Details:

-hard enamel

-2,5 inch

-Gold plating

-screen printing

- three pin Posts for extra security

- rubber backings

 Colors might vary from photo taken.


Please choose the quality you want:

Premium Quality

Best for pin board collectors who want high quality pins. Free of noticable enamel flaws, no metal plating defects .

Since coloring and plating is done by hand  irregularities in the surface of the enamel or the plating are possible and are not considered as a flaw.

Average Quality

Meant to be worn. Free of major defects but may have imperfections like small air bubbles in the enamel, deeper scratches, low enamel fill, specs in enamel, plating defects at the sites, etc. These imperfections are noticable when pin is inspected closely.


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18,00 €

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