Welcome to Lulemee Art!

I love creating in a variety of media.

 My art is inspired by womanhood but also by vintage esthetics and animation.



Under the corresponding section on the navigation bar you can see a selection of my artworks.


I make lowbrow and neo expressionism art traditionally and digitally, on tablet, canvas and paper . Go to "Visual Art" to see all my illustrations , paintings and sketches. You can also find my newest Art Project 2024 under this menu bar.


I repaint dolls in the likeness of real or animated characters using a 3D object as canvas. Through the repaint and customization I  transform a cheap plastic doll into a work of art (Pop Art). Go to "Doll Repaints" to see my work. I'm a proud member of The Repaint Society (extern link) an international doll art collective.


I used to produce enamel pins based on my illustrations, you find them under "pins".


I have handsewn decor dolls, pretty little dolls that could sit on the shelf or hang on the wall. You find them under "decor dolls".


"All about Fleur" is a blog dedicated to a dutch 80s fashion, simply because I love Fleur!


I wish you a lot of fun while browsing !