Welcome to Lulemee Art!

I love creating new, beatiful things.

 My art is inspired by the glamorous look from the 30's to the 60's, by the art of animation and by everyday life. 

Inspired by sassy and beautiful retro ladies I create illustrations, heirloom art dolls and quirky enamel pins.

I repaint Fashion dolls in the likeness of movie characters, real or animated. I'm a proud member of the international Repaint Society.


Under the corresponding section on the navigation bar you can see a selection of a my Illustrations, dolls and pins I have made in the past.    


My sassy little cloth dolls called Amiechou, which is french and means sweet friend, are decor dolls. They can sit on your desk or your shelf and they also can be hung on the wall or on your mirror. 

Each clothdoll is handsewn with a lot of love, care and attention to details which makes them so unique. No two dolls are exactly alike.


Because I'm also a doll collector I started a brandnew Blog about a very underrated little doll called Fleur, a dutch fashion doll produced in the 80s. Check out "All about Fleur" to learn more about her!


I wish you a lot of fun while browsing !