OOAK Dolls

Please click the following photos to be forwarded to the gallery of my handpainted dolls. All dolls are painted with artist acrylic paints with ultra fine brushes.

Newest Dolls

She-Ra and Catra from Princess of Power 1985

Created for the dollshow of the Repaint Society Bad Blood. 

Isabella Madrigal from Enacanto

Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn

The theme for the Christmas doll show of the Rapaint Society is "A Winter's Ball" and this is my cotribution. She is 11".

Elsa from Disney's Frozen 2

Elsa is inspired by the song "Show Yourself" from the movie Frozen 2. She is a 17" Limited Edition doll.

Asha from Disney's Wish

Inspired by the character Asha from Disney's newest animated feature Wish. Base doll, Mattel basic 12" doll.

Disney's Alice in Wonderland Roses

Both dolls are inspired by the White Rose from the "Golden Afternoon" pasage in Alice in Wonderland. The pink rose doesn't appear in the movie.

Dark Siren

Dark Siren is a doll for the Halloween doll show of the Repaint Society:  Monster Mash. She is available for sale. Contact me via e-mail lulemee-art@gmx.de if you are interested.

Disney Vanessa OOAK doll

Next doll is a character from the animated classic 80s movie "The Little Mermaid" and part of the Repaint Society (extern link) next doll show.