Fleur doll restoration
tutorial · 17. March 2022
A step by step tutorial on how to restore a Fleur doll.
Fleur identification-Part 1: 80s Fleur dolls
Identification · 09. March 2022
A guide on how to identify your Fleur doll made in the 80s.

Fleur brides
Doll review · 05. March 2022
A review about beautiful Fleur bridal dolls and fashions.
Fleur bodies
28. February 2022
An overview about all the bodie types used for Fleur dolls.

Special Offer Fleur 1983
Doll review · 23. February 2022
A blog post dedicated to Special Offer Fleur made in 1983.
Fleur facemolds Part 1
Identification · 19. February 2022
An overview about the facemolds used for Fleur doll in the 80s as identification help.

Welcome to "All About Fleur"
Introduction · 18. February 2022
Wellcome to my blog about Fleur doll.