Commissions closed!

Comissions for 2024 closed. I might reopen in the second half of the year, so come back!

Right now I will only accept one commission slot per month. I might increase the number of slots in future if it works fine.

I accept commissions for the following:

- Full facial repaint of an animated character doll in 11" or 17" like Disneystore dolls, Limited Edtion Disney dolls, singing Disney dolls, Mattel Disney dolls etc. 

- Full facial repaint of any other doll in the likeness of an animated character, if the character doesn't have an own doll that represents him.

- I offer two kinds of repaints:

*semi-realistic repaints (my ususal style) with combinig the look of the animated character with more realistic features, like multicolor iris and lips with highlights and shadows, shading of the entire face etc.  This applies to every CGI character but can also be made on classical 2D characters (see my doll repaints section for examples, as I paint all my dolls this way)

* simple 2D repaint that looks like the 2D animated character, without any blending of colors, highlights, shadows, shading etc. This is only possible for classical 2D animated characters, not for CGI characters.

- Hair cut and styling

- Adding real lashes that are not removable. I insert the lashes into the vinyl, so they are not simply glued on. This can not be reversed.


- Body enhancement with paint if required 

What I don't do:

 - Rerooting new hair

- detailed tattoos

- Working on BJDs with insert glass eyes

-sewing a costume

- copying any existent doll, no matter if it's a factory doll or an artist doll

- realistic portrait repaints  like actors, movie characters, real people etc. (So right now, I won't accept any Audrey Hepburn commission, I'm sorry!)

Commission price list:

- simple 2D repaint of an animated character in Barbie size (11"-12"):  300 Euro

- simple 2D repaint of an animated character in Limited Edition doll size (16"-17"): 250 Euro

*clear lines on eyes, eyebrows etc.

* Iris painted in one color only, no blended colors, no highlights or shadows.

* lips painted in one color only.

*blushing of the cheeks only if character has any blush

* no shading of the face.


- Semi realistic repaint of an animated character in Barbie size (11"-12"):  500 Euro

- Semi realistic repaint of an animated character in Limited Edition doll size (16"-17"): 450 Euro

 *clear or blurred lines, like required on brows, eyes etc.

 *Iris with multicolors that blend in, highlights and shadows. Shaded eyeballs.

 *Lips painted with mutiple colors to make them look more realistic.

* Shading of the entire face plus blushing of the cheeks.


- Hairstyling: 50 Euro for every size


-Adding real lashes (not removable): 50 Euro for every size

How it works:

 --You have to provide the doll yourself. You can either ship her to me (shipping costs, taxes and customs fees have to be paid by you. I am located in Germany, so you have to calculate this into the price.) or you can let me buy the doll for you from Shop Disney ,Ebay, Etsy or every shop located in the EU, so you can save on the taxes and custom fees. In this case, the price of the doll has to be paid upfront and you have to send me the link to your desired doll. I will not search online for the doll, I'm sorry, I don't have time for this.


- First write me a mail to (Or contact me via Instagram or Facebook) Tell me what doll you would like me to make. I will not accept every commission, so please don't be sad if I tell you, that my list is full or any other reason for not accepting your commision. It's never personal. I just don't want to make three Elsas in a row, so I will accept the commissions that are most interesting for me as an artist, and not first come, first serve. 

In your mail must be written what character you would like, what doll you want to use for this purpose and three photos of possible expressions you would like your doll to have. You can be very explicit or you can leave the decision to me, it's up to you. Please also add personal information like your location and your birthday (you must be over 18 to commission me).

Than I will answer you and we will discuss your commission, I will tell you what is possible, what is not possible etc. 

When we agree on the commission, half of the commission price has to be paid upfront, the rest when the doll is finished.


- When I start working on your doll, I will send you many work in progress pictures, so you have control over her look. If something is not like you imagined, you must tell me and I can correct it or change the repaint. When the doll is finished, before sealing, if you are not completely satisfied, you can let me make 3 minor corrections. If more corrections are required, it will cost extra. I hope this won't be necessery, that's why I will send you work in progress photos, so you can lead the repaint in the right direction. We will stay in close contact the whole time, while I work on your doll.


- I will work on your doll in my own time frame...sometimes I'm too tired or don't have inspiration. Than I won't work on your doll to not screw her up. So please don't push me. I will try to make your doll as fast as possible of course. 


- Please understand, I will not answer emails daily. When I work on your doll, please don't send me bunches of emails asking how far I am with her. This will lead to stress and I will have to stop your commission. I had this happen in the past and it was very incovenient.


- When the repaint is done I will style the hair if required. 


- When the doll is finished and aprroved by you, you will send me the rest of the commission fee and the shipping costs I will calculate for you and I will ship your doll insured. I will always ship with fully insurance over the value of the doll plus the commission price.


- Payment is with Paypal as Goods. Customers from Germany may also make a bank tranfer.

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