Special Offer Fleur 1983

Special Offer Fleur was released 1983 and was a so called budget Fleur. She was cheaper than the standart Fleur dolls. Equally like most other Fleur dolls in the 80s, Special Offer Fleur was produced with three different hair colors: blonde, dark brunette and ginger. However each haircolor was dressed in a different colored outfit. 

The box

The boxes were dark green, like all Fleur boxes untill 1986 with a light green logo at the top and flowers at the bottom. There was no doll name written on the box. The boxes were pretty narrow, so the dolls didn't have much space inside. No wonder I had to free them! Who wants to be squisched into a box like a sardine in a can? The back of the boxes is full with pictures of adorable 70s and 80s Fleurs wearing some fashions, that were available seperately. These pictures lead to longings through decades of some 80s kids...

The face and hair

Special Offer Fleur got the Ballerina facemold, the first facemold produced in the 80s (click here for an overview of the facemolds).She has very long lashes, no eyeshadow, small red lips and subtle blush placed at the bottom of her cheeks. The hair is tied into a cute high ponytail secured with a rubber band. The original rubber band is yellow, I had to replace it, because it became hart and brittle and fell apart. The bangs are full and curly. Her Ponytail is short and fluffy with big curls.

The rooting is very spare, the hair is only rooted as a circle on the outline with no extra plugs in the middle. Special Offer Fleur was not supposed to wear her hair in a differnt style!

The outffit

The outfit consists of two pieces, a long sleeved bodysuit with the Fleur logo printed on and a flowery kneelength skirt. The green and blue Fleur are wearing color matching sandals, for some odd reason the pink doll is wearing red sandals. I guess someone at Otto Simon liked color blocking...

There are two variants of the green bodice, a light green and a dark green.

The body




Special Offer Fleur has a special unique body. The arms are made of soft rubber, they are straight and cannot be bend. The arms are positioned in an arquard angle so the hands are pointing away from the body. The lower part of her body is exactly like the Ballerina body, with ball jointed waist, sidesplit legs and bending ancles. These dolls are the only ones that were made with this kind of body.

Similar dolls

Most dolls found in the wild aren't wearing their original outfit, so it's good to know which dolls look confusingly similar and how to detect the differences.

Logo Fleur

Logo Fleur dolls (here as an example Bermuda Fleur) were also made with a fringe and a ponytail. There are several different Logo Fleur dolls with slightly different facial and hair features, but they all have one thing in common: They have a raised Fleur logo at the back of their head. Special Offer Fleur has no logo.

Jeans Fleur

Much easier to confuse with Special Offer Fleur is Jeans Fleur. I actually confused her myself. When I found my first Special Offer Fleur nude I was convinced it is Jeans. The differences are not very obvious.

Since Jeans Fleur was also released with the Ballerina facemold, the only way to tell them apart is the rooting pattern. While Special Offer is rooted only circular, Jeans has also additional plugs in the middle of her hair. Jeans Fleur comes on a Standart body with the twist and turn waist and big hands. 


Special Offer Fleur is one of the sweetest Fleur dolls in my opinion. I may be biased, because I have a soft spot for the ponytail Fleurs. This hairstyle is just so cute and fresh!

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    Milan (Thursday, 24 February 2022 17:27)


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    Angela (Wednesday, 02 March 2022 14:40)

    your dolls are gorgeous, beautiful hair <3. This was my first Fleur as a child (I had the blonde and the brunette) and they are still one of my favorites xx

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    Patricia (Saturday, 23 April 2022 15:43)

    Thanks for the info.
    So the Bermuda Fleur is the only ponytail Fleur with the raised logo.......

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    Jill (Monday, 20 June 2022 00:16)

    Wat een prachtige site! Per toeval kom ik hier terecht. Hele waardevolle informatie. En ik realiseer me nu dat ik dezelfde 'misvatting' heb gemaakt als jij. Ook ik was overtuigd van het feit dat ik een Fleur Jeans in mijn verzameling had, die nu dus een Special Offer blijkt te zijn. Ik heb zelfs haar originele body weggegooid omdat ik die armen toch zo raar in een driehoek vond staan. Dit blijkt dus gewoon zo te horen! Hoe erg! Dit soort 'foutjes' maak je gelukkig maar één keer �

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    Maddy (Wednesday, 15 November 2023 06:57)

    Hello! I’ve been a fan of your dolls for over a decade, you’re truly incredible. I’ve been wanting to paint my own Elsa, and I went looking for your old tutorial but the link is broken! Is there a way you could send it to me, or maybe just a brief summary or some resources you love? I’ve found my own but I guess I’m such a fan of yours. I sent you an Instagram DM. Anyway, take care :)