Fleur brides

As a matter of fact I was never a big fan of bridal dolls. I don't own any bridal Barbie although I have quite a collection. I can't exactly say why I don't like them, they seem so over the board,  too kitschy, too puffy, simply too exagerated. 

But paradoxically I don't feel this way about Fleur brides. They are gorgeous and don't give me that hyperglycamic vibe.

Otto Simon didn't make many bridal dolls or gowns during their 10 years of production...there are only two dolls and one fashion and I am happy to own them.


Wedding Fleur




Wedding Fleur was produced 1983 and was the first bridal doll and in my opinion one of the most beautiful Fleur dolls ever made. She was available in three haircolors: honey blonde, dark brunette and ginger. All variants were wearing the same white wedding dress. 

She was sold in a darkgreen box like all early Fleur dolls with the promo picture of her at the front.

The face and hair



Wedding Fleur was made with the Aerobic facemold (click here for an overview of the facemolds). She has long lashes and very subtle eyeshadow. Her lips are red and big. She has blush placed at the bottom of her cheeks.

Her hair is rooted with a centerpart. It is middlelong and curly, styled into the signature Fleur flip.

The body

Like many early 80s Fleurs she has the Ballerina body (click here for an oveview of Fleur bodies) with ball jointed waist, sidesplit legs with bending ancles and bending ellbows.

The outfit

The outfits consist of an elegant sleeveless white wedding gown with three ruffles on the skirt and a big collar ruffle with beautiful flowery lace border. She is wearing a very cute hat that was secured with a silver band to the head and a veil that consist of two layers and can be flipped over her face. The doll in box has the veil over her face. Additionally she has a bouquet of pink flowers and a cute little purse (not pictured). She is wearing white pumps.

Brides Happiness

Brides Happiness is a two doll set that consists of a beautiful Fleur bride and a little bridesmaid with the same hair colour. This dollset was released in 1985 and again in 1986 as a second edition. Bride and bridesmaid were available with three haircolors: goldenblonde, ginger and brunette. All variants and editions were wearing the same costumes. The first edition set in 1985 was released in a dark green box like the earlier Fleur dolls, the second edition set was released in a light green box.

The following pictures show the first edition bride set from 1985.

The face and the hair



The facemold of the 1985 bride was the Tennisstar facemold (click here for an overview of Fleur facemolds). She has full, short lashes and heavy eyeshadow. Her cheeks are strongly blushed at the side and her lips are red and full. She has one of the prettiest facepaints on this facemold in my opinion. Her hair is middlelong and curly, styled into the signature Fleur flip.

The bride produced in 1986 has the Colourstar facemold with significantly longer lashes. The make up is very similar with strong eyeshadow and blush, the hair is also curly and middlelong




The bridesmaids of 1985 and 1986 share the same facemold. It is unique and was made for this set only. She is very cute with painted on lashes and a small smirk. The bridesmaid of 1985 had usually a fringe with center parted hair in short or shoulderlength. The 1986 braidsmade didn't have a fringe. There were also transitional sets though.

The body

The bride of 1985 and 1986 were released with the Ballerina body (click here for an overview of Fleur bodies) with ball jointed waist, sidesplit legs with bending ancles and bending ellbows. The bridesmaid has a hart plastic body with movable arms and legs.

The outfit

The bride wears a beautiful delicate white wedding gown with middle long sleeves and a three layered skirt. The collar, the sleeves and the skirt layers are finished with lace borders. She wears a very delicate veil, with lace ruffles on the top that is secured with a silver elastic to the head. The veil consists of two layers and can be fliped over her face. The veil is also finished with a lace border. The doll in box wears the veil fliped back. The bride has a bouquet of lilac flowers with yellow center. She wears white pumps.



The bridesmaid is wearing a short dress in white with see through sleeves and a puffy skirt. The fabric of the skirt is the same that was used already for the Ballerina Fleur in 1982.

The bridesmaid wears a flower headband and has also a similar flower bouquet as the bride (not pictured). She wears white flats with a little bow.

Bridal fashion #1220



This pretty yet simple wedding dress was sold in the early and the late 80s, it was available in a dark green and a light green box, which means it was available before 1986 and after as well. It seems that it was quite popular.

The dress is made of two layers with a cotton underdress and a lace overdress, which are sewn together at the waist. It has middlelong lace sleeves and a turtleneck made out of lace. Normally there is also a bow at the waist that is missing here. The very cute thing about this outfit in my opinion is the little lace hat to which the veil is attached. The veil can be worn over the face or flipped up. As a nice detail a little colourful flower bouquet was added made out of plastic. White pumps were also part of this outfit.

I hope you enjoyed all these little brides. If you did please leave me a comment!

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