About my pins

All my pins are made based on a Illustration I created. My main focus lies on mermaids and pin up art, that's why my mainly theme are mermaid pins and pin up mermaids. Pin up is inspired by retro looks of the 40ies, 50ies and 60ies, my mermaid pins have all a vintage look and style on them. And because I love everything retro Audrey Hepburn is also one of my muses. That's why I dedicated one of my pin designs to her iconic role as the style Icon Holly Golightly.  

All my enamel pins are made with hard enamel which is also known as hard emaille or cloissone, which is one of the most durable coloring form for enamel pins. The metal is plated with gold polish, black nickel or silver polish. All colors are applied manually by my manufacturer, that's why little imperfections are common. However you get a handmade little artwork.

All pins come with rubber backings if not stated otherwisely. If you wear them, take care that the rubber backing is attached firmly to the pin posts to not loose it.


If you have any question relating to the production process of my hard enamel pins , don't hesitate to write me a message!


Each pin is available in 3 quality grades, scrole down to read more. Price depends on Quality grade.

Pins are not suitable for children due to small swallowable size and sharp posts. By buying our item you agree to our terms, the link is placed at the bottom of the site. Please scrole down.



Pin Quality Policy:

Premium Quality regular Price

Best for pin board collectors who want high quality Pins. Free of noticable * enamel, screen printing or plating defects. Since coloring, printing and plating is done by hand  irregularities in the surface are possible and are not considered as a flaw.

Average Quality 10-20% Discount on regular price

Meant to be worn. Free of major defects but may have imperfections like small air bubbles in the enamel,  scratches, low enamel fill, specs in enamel, plating defects at the edges, small screen printing flaws etc. These imperfections are noticable when pin is inspected closely.

Seconds Quality 40% Discount on regular price

Pins have multiple or major defects like discolorations, bubbles or specs in prominent areas like faces, big areas of defective plating, wrong enamel fill or big Areas of low enamel fill, metal errors or any other flaws that I consider major. Seconds Grade Pins still can be worn or displayed, they still look pretty but the flaws are noticable.


* when looked at the pin with normal human eyes, not with a magnifying lense or a microscope.

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