Fleur Facemolds Part 2


Most dolls found in the wild are played with and come in random outfits, not necessarily their original one. It is difficult to identify dolls correctly, if they don't wear their original outfit anymore. But luckily dolls have some characteristics, that help us collectors to identify them. One of these characteristics is the headmold. Otto Simon used a variety of headmolds for Fleur throughout the years. This is the second part of my overview about Fleur facemolds, and this blog post is about Fleur facesmolds of the 70s. To see facemolds of the 80s look here. To see an overview about Fleur bodies, look here.

The following describtions are based on my own observations and are not official.

Regular Fleur facemolds of the 70s

Slim Basic facemold

The Slim Basic facemold was probably the first facemold Fleur ever had. The vinyl is hart. It has a slim, pointy chin reagion. The hole for the neck knob is smaller than later molds. The eyes are small, the lashes are short, the lips are orange and she has orange blushing cheeks. The hair is soft and shiny, short and curly. This mold was used for dolls produced in 1978 and as far as I know only used on the Basic Fleur.

Second Basic facemold

This facemold was probably the second mold made. The vinyl is hart. It is slightly wider than the slim facemold especially around the cheeks and chin. The lashes are longer, the lips are orange and she has a heavy orange blush. 

Hair can be short or middlelong, curly or wavy, mostly soft and shiny.

This mold was used on later produced Basic Fleur and also on Disco Fleur.

Belle facemold

The next Fleur doll released in 1978/ 1979 was Belle Fleur with a new facemold. The vinyl is hart. The faceshape is rounder and wider than the two Basic Fleur facemolds. Lashes vary from long to short. The lips can be orange, can fade to yellow and can be red. The blush can be orangey or peachy. 

Hair can be short, middlelong or long, mostly wavy. It was soft and silky on some dolls and more coarse on others. The rooting pattern also differed, depending on the doll.

This mold was used for the most of the Fleur dolls made in the 70s: Belle, Lente, Nurse, KLM and Flower Girl and a late produced Basic.

Regular Gauntlet facemold

The Gauntlet facemold was probably made in 1978 as one of the first molds, the faceshape is the same as the Slim Basic Facemold. She has painted on lashes and no gap for stick in lashes. Lips are small and orange, cheeks a blushing orange. The hair is fluffy, short and curly made of a mohair-like fiber.  She comes on the Gauntlet Fleur body with articulated ellbows. It is unknown if she was sold as a dressed doll or only used for promotional pictures and displays.

Gauntlet with lashes facemold

This is the second doll that comes on a gauntlet body. The faceshape is significantly wider than Belle especially around the chin region which makes the face almost square. The vinyl is softer and darker than the standart 70s Fleurs. She has long, stick in lashes. The lips are orange and she has strongly blushing cheeks. The hair of mine is very coarse and sparely rooted, it is shoulderlong with an outside curl. However I have also seen with softer and fuller hair.

It is unknown which doll she was sold as. 

Softhead and Skatestar facemold

The Softhead on the far left and the Skatestar are not the same facemold, but were both used for the Skatestar Fleur. Both heads are made of a softer vinyl. Softhead is alltogether wider than Belle facemold with a darker skin color, Iceskater has the same shape as Belle but tend to pale to a white skin colour. The eyecolor on both is a lighter blue. They have small orange lips and peachy blushing cheeks. The hair of Softhead is soft and shiny, on Iceskater more coarse, rooted only on the upper half of the head. They ususally came on a 70s body with soft rubber arms.

photo by Angela
photo by Angela

Skistar facemold

The Skistar Fleur has an own facemold that was only used for her. The vinyl is soft. The mold resembles the Madejefie doll, an known dutch Fleur clone. The eyes are small, the lashes can be short or long. She has pale orange lips and soft pink blush. Her lips are painted in a small smirk or without a smirk. Her hair is short and ginger or blonde.

She comes on a special Skistar body.

Dungaree facemold

Dungaree Fleur made early 1980 has a special facemold. The vinyl is hart, the eyes are small and she has short lashes. The lips are small and red. She has usually blue eyeshadow and the intensity varies a lot from just a little to a hilarious amount of eyeshadow, like the one pictured. The cheeks are blushing in red. Hair is short, coarse and wavy. She came on a special Dungaree body. 


The were more facemolds produced in the later 70s for Fleur. These facemolds however differ a lot from the standart 70s face and not much is known about them. That's why they will be presented in a seperate blog post about mystery Fleur dolls, coming soon!

Again a big Thank You to Angela from vintage_fleur_dolls.

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